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Nicole Nicole Gibbard is regional fitness manager of 6 health clubs in Switzerland, and has offered classes, holidays and presented at conventions for over 13 years in all fitness trends as well as personal training and particularly yoga, where she has over 1000 hours of training (including therapeutics) alone.

Her background in yoga is largely Astanga and Anusara/Iyengar based and her focus is on the bio mechanics of the body to prevent and heal injury. Daily practice is focused on strengthening and stabilizing muscles/joints to increase freedom and flexibility in the body’s range of movement, with yoga stretch classes, therapeutically releasing blocked or tight areas in the body and correcting misalignment's. Her yoga classes are offered to all levels, and particularly to those who never even thought of starting yoga, and include some guided mediation and led pranayama (breathing) exercises.

At the end of 2013 she is assisting and teaching in the International Yoga Teacher Training Program running in Zurich.

Since 2006, Nicole has been working with the Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le – creators of the bodyART School, developing new concepts, organizing retreats, presenting at conventions and in 2014 will be focused on rolling out bodyART educations and workshops in the U.K. and Luxembourg.

Nicole is also a keen mountain biker, hiker, swimmer, snowboarder and horse rider and her passion for nature and travel gives her the earthy, grounding and “real” quality delivered in all her teachings. “For me, it is important to be able to reach everyone and share my energy and enthusiasm for life with as many people as I can. People want to be happy, they search happiness, and by gently guiding people, leading them by the hand into nature, into movement, into yoga, union with themselves and the new things they learn to love, they can start to find what they are searching for.”

Her previous full time profession competing and training horses and riders all over the world, has inspired her to offer students the most amazing yOgAcTiViTy retreat experiences and the combination of yoga with horse riding, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, kayaking, has enabled her students to take their “on the mat” experiences “off the mat” and continue their personal growth in ways they never thought possible. Nicole will also be offering her latest concept in the form of weekend workshops, “Yoga for Horse Riders” in Iceland, Switzerland, England and Luxembourg throughout the course of 2014.



Birgit Birgit was born in Germany and chose Dahab to be her home in March 2000. She already had years of experience in teaching while working as a PADI Staff Instructor, training divers from novice to instructor level. In Dahab she started a regular yoga practice as a counter balance to the hard work in the diving industry. With time, she started to realise that yoga is not only a physical exercise but a concept of living and she wanted to learn more about it.

In 2009 Birgit decided to travel to India, considering it the best place to be taught the entire yoga philosophy. She completed her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore Mandala Yogashala, South India, and since then she uses her annual holidays in Germany to attend yoga anatomy workshops.

Her classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis. Birgit stresses on the importance of using your breath as a guide, listening to your body, and offers healthy alignments and variations for each asana. Birgit's teaching style is versatile, based on individual abilities and needs. It is important for her that practitioners understand yoga is not merely physical exercise but rather an opportunity to connect with yourself, improve physiological awareness and stay in the present. Her belief is that "regular yoga practice can transform not only your body, but your life too!"


Beata “Betty” Grickevich


Born in Riga, Latvia (03-12-1985)

Living in Dahab, Egypt since 2008


  • Russian
  • English
  • German


  • Culture and art on the Academy of Latvia
  • Theology on the University of Latvia

Work experience:

  • AIDA freediving instructor (assisted Sara Campbell, UK Champion)
  • International AIDA judge, level E
  • Ass. scuba instructor
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) instructor
  • Acting as a freediving model for TV-commercials

Competition results:

  • 2 National Records 37m and 41m in the discipline Constant Weight no Fins (CNF)
  • National Record 56m in the discipline Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Ranking 9th place in AIDA World Depth Championship 2013

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