Outdoor activities – Freediving

Freediving courses

offered by Betty

AIDA 1* Freediver

No matter what your background in diving is, the AIDA 1 star Freediver will open your mind to a whole new underwater experience.

You will learn the basic theory of Freediving and how to prepare yourself for a breathold dive including breathing, duck dive, finning, buddying and safety techniques.

90 Euro (1 person), 75 Euro (2 persons), 65 Euro (3 persons)

AIDA 2** Freediver

This is probably the most challenging and rewarding AIDA course. For those who are already confident in the open water this course is your starting point. The course builds a foundation of good technique and safety so that you can buddy with other AIDA 2 star freedivers. This course consists of two theory sessions, a pool session and three open water dives.

To successfully complete the AIDA 2 star freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minute breathold, swim 40 m underwater with fins and dive to 16m in the open water.

240 Euro (1 person), 210 Euro (2-3 persons), 180 Euro (4 and more persons) – (prices include certificate)

Private lessons

(including theory, exercises on land followed by one water session)

40 Euro (1 person), 35 Euro (2 persons), 30 Euro (3 persons)

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